Friday, January 27, 2012

Nitrome Must die

Nitrome Must Die
Platform: Computer

Nitrome Must Die is a great addicting game. I've got to tell you this game is filled with action and skill. Not to mention it will last you a life time, it has 100 levels! I LOVE this game! You see two guys hate Nitrome and want to kill it. That is the story folks.  =(   Still I love the game and you will to. (1 out of 100 -- 89)

Don't let the enemy build up on you.

Don't be deceived by their cuteness.

Some bombs that you shoot will hurt you to.

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  1. These reviews are great, Ben! As a mom I'm always looking for kid's opinions about games.
    One addition that would help me is for you to list what system each game uses. We've got a Wii and iTouch but not other systems. When I see a new review from you, I'd like to know whether the game you're reviewing is one I might be able to get for my kids.